The Ever Evolving Bee

Interesting Bee Items
The ordinary honey bee is an intriguing and interesting insect. There is much to learn about the honeybee and where it has come from. The very first bee had been found and recorded in Myanmar. This dates back approximately 100 million years ago. The bee may have originated in the Far East. The first bees were very similar to a wasp. They did not eat pollen and nectar in the earlier times. The bee did evolve and become vegetarian as opposed to dining on other insects for their nourishment. The bee has made a dietary change from the early days. A bee will live in many places around the world in this current time. There is at least 20,000 different species of the bee. There are so many very interesting items to be learned about this insect. The bee is indeed evolving and changing.

Flower Diversity and the Bee
beesThe bee may be given credit for the current diversity among flowers. The bee has a job to do in this world and ought to be given credit for the lovely diversity that we enjoy with flowers. The flower plants do not have the ability to self pollinate. The flowers will then evolve into a bright and attractive color. These colors will then draw and attract the bees to it. The bee is drawn and attracted to the bright bloom. The bee will then have the job of actually becoming a sort of pollination service. The pay is is a delicious and nutritious nectar. A dutiful bee will then drink up the nectar and then then transport it to the hive. The Queen bee will receive her share of the nectar. A scientist may make the claim that the bee does indeed deserve credit for the splendid diversity that the flower provides.

The Honey Discovery
The discovery of honey was an excitement for early man. The first honey hunters or the honey gatherers did not have the modern bee suit as protection. The collection of honey proved to be painful. They pursued the honey anyway because honey was a grand sweetener for many alcoholic drinks and food items. The discovery of honey was a delicious item for humankind. This will go back as far as the ancient times. The bee did evolve and then during the Egyptian times the bee had started being kept at home. There was then a nicely designed and simplistic Egyptian hive that served as the temporary housing for colonies of bees.

The Important and Hard Working Bee
The bee has indeed continued to evolve since the first recordings. The bee remains to be one of the hardest working creatures in the world. Nowadays, bee products are very various such as propolis, bee pollen tablets, skin care and etc. The bee still has an exceptional work ethic. This is an important insect that deserves respect.